Wednesday, November 12, 2008

it's November, and my daisies are blooming again

I love how tech week affords me the ability to ignore things I don't want to deal with. "Sorry, I'll be at the Rotunda all week. I'll deal with it if I can, but otherwise it'll have to wait until Monday." This also works out because I always run out of things to do on Monday. Tech week is the ultimate win-win, except for the figuring out where to call cues and creating the proper timing and trying to have patience with 13-year-old actors (I assume that one'll be an issue).

Also, I eat a bunch of Zingers out of the breakroom machine since I've convienced myself those are the official food of Tech Week.

In other parts of the world, I need to write back someone from August (and someone from March), put together a Christmas list that isn't half put together on a rehearsal report, and stop drafting entries to Best Buy's black Friday contest. Either write the whole thing, or forget about it. Also, I should stop looking at all pictures of London, pictures of Humane Society kittens, and pictures of scuba equipment, because that one's just too random.

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