Thursday, November 06, 2008

remember, remember, the sixth of November

I wished my cast a happy Guy Fawkes Day yesterday, and it saddened me that nobody else knew what I was talking about. I figured between the other angliophiles (and the comic book nerds), I'd run into someone.

I consoled myself with a baked potato for dinner, even if I didn't roast in in the embers of a bonfire like they did in olden days. Or maybe even today; I'm not really certain since I have no first-hand experience.

Speaking of things (unsuccessfully) blowing up, this morning a beeping noise was coming from the kitchen table, and my half-awake state convinced me that it was inside the new phone books bag. As in, some diabolical mind had rigged phone books to explode once people brought them inside. (It was Deb's phone alarm.)

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