Tuesday, April 21, 2009

crunchity crisp crunch

I'm eating an apple right now, mostly because the rest of my lunch wasn't quite filling enough. It's far from the best apple I've ever had, seeing as it has lived in my bag to and from work for over a week (and had gained something resembling white paint on one side), but it's held up better than I expected.

I'd sit outside to enjoy this semi-wonderment of fruit, but I've started peeling from the last time I spent quality time outside at work and would prefer not to make things worse.

We've decided to do a fifth children's show this summer after all, so I'll spend my post-lunch two hours listening to music that isn't labelled and trying to decide which track is which song. As you've probably already guessed, I'm looking forward to this.

I'm going to search for things on the IKEA website now, as I want a package and have a gift certificate anyway.

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