Wednesday, April 22, 2009

fin fang foom

I am so very sleepy at the moment, but can sadly go nowhere until my ipod finishes charging. On the plus side, I've slightly goofed off (though you could argue that reading Playbill helps keep me informed about my profession and therefore doesn't count as "goofing off") for the past hour...which works out to approximately a full work day anyway. You do not know the full joys of being a stage manager until you're at the theater at 8:15, gluing straw back onto fence posts.

(Other joyful items for that hour of day: moving chairs, pulling props, hanging beams from the ceiling.)

Will got me a Muppet Show comic book as my prize for finishing the crossword puzzle on his blog (he was celebrating 100 straight days of posting), but I'm not quite awake enough to enjoy it right now.

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