Monday, April 27, 2009

when you want to have a rainbow/then you have to have some rain

The supreme "joy" of my life at this moment is the supreme lack of complete sheet music for "Riddle of the Rainbow," our recently announced fifth children's show. (This is why I'm planning vacation in July instead of June. It may also be why I go crazy and run screaming from Texas before July, but some days have more reasons than others.)

I've been really grouchy and tired lately (as well as feeling anti-social and compelled to eat my weight in chocolate), but I'm hoping I'll bounce back soon. I don't like myself while I act this way, and I'm sure others don't either (part of why I choose to hermetize). I blame the pig show ad-libbing, stalled vacation plans, and the toys that have fallen into oblivion behind my desk when people use my computer without my permission.

Unrelated: Did you know that Locks of Love has a hardcore disclaimer about how they aren't affiliated with any religious, political, or otherwise issue stance?

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