Thursday, May 14, 2009

administrative use only

I'm starting to remember the kind of crazoid life I lived the past two springs when I'd have the regular Rotunda show going on as well as special Miller rehearsals. It does not make me the best person I can be, but I'm hopefully saving all the frustration and angst for when I'm alone in the office and can chew loudly on straws in peace.

What the what is up with me chewing straws lately? Maybe it has to do with this desk, as it came with a pile of straws that the previous tenant had yet to chew (her own favorite stress relief hobby). I'm also not sure whether it is or isn't healthier than chewing gum.

Veering onward (since my phone just buzzed me), I wish I could record an album just to write the liner notes. (You'd think there'd be more thought there, but that's pretty much it. I'd really, really like to write liner notes for something.)

And, while I'm feeling musically inclined: is there any happier lyric than "I'm in love/and it's a sunny day?" (Beatles - Good Day Sunshine) Even if you yourself are not either of those things, you feel a bit better thinking that someone else could be.

Yuck, ending with a preposition.

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Travis said...

For the record, you still seem to be your usually cheery self in the booth, so you're hiding your frustration well.

Also, (in the voice of Bruce Dumpling): "Straws kill people!"

...I can't think of a particular instance of the above case, but I'm sure it's happened...