Monday, June 15, 2009

(3) Charging the KLIC-7001 battery

I cannot explain (nor understand, really) how much I love reading instruction manuals. Maybe when the actors finally push me over the edge, I'll find a job editing technical manuals and live in strangely satisfied bliss. (Or not. Depends on how I react when they first push me over the edge.)

We may have lodgings set by the end of the day, depending on how much a certain brother wishes to stick with his "no, really, I don't have an opinion" mantra. Interestingly enough, the two places I stayed in London last time both made the final list. One of us (read: me) will just need to decide if it's worth the extra $40 to sleep in a room with two less beds.

I wish I'd marked on my calendar when I first started to alphabetically listen to my iPod. (What? Then I can rate everything and make my vaguely OCD side feel great!) I'm over a fourth through my entire collection, but I can't gauge how long it will take to finish if I don't remember when I began.

I've only seen one disc of one season, but I love you already, Doctor Who. Now I'll be on a TARDIS hunt this summer, too.

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