Thursday, June 11, 2009

Someday I would like to think I would post in a long format again.

My Ta-Daa days are over the foreseeable future. We had a nice crowd of kids, only one wanted to punch me (and that was only after she'd been adorable for 3/4 of the night), and--since the head fan wasn't working--I had one of the better workouts I've had since mandatory P.E. classes. Way to be, acting bug.

Seeing as it's fifteen minutes before the end of the day, I think I'm safe to say that I've successfully avoided feeling bored enough to read "Voice of the Prairie" (the play based on Laura Ingalls Wilder that we're producing next season) another day. I don't have anything against LIW, but what I've heard about the play (it's supposed to be very "and then this happened...and then this happened...and then...") doesn't endear it to my heart.

The PR department is letting everyone update bios for the company wall, playbill, and wherever else they might be needed. While I haven't been here too terribly long, it's weird to think that I still had things to change. My previous bio was all pre-ADP work, even when I got to rewrite a shorter version for the P&P playbill at the end of my intern year. I actually have favorite shows from Texas (including a magic show!) to list, shows that would make my favorite productions whether I wanted to list something from my current theater or not.

Now I feel the need to update my resume, but I'll save that for home. Mixed with my plane ticket and my talk of children's theater I plan to see while abroad [how junior year of me], it probably wouldn't inspire much confidence in my whole "I swear I'm coming back, guys!" story.

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