Friday, June 26, 2009


I was about three sentences in on writing a post about how my pet peeves are growing due to Impending Vacation Not Yet Here-ness when I realized that it was suffering more from People Don't Want to Read How Grouchy You Are-itis. Instead (since I'd prefer not to turn into that "Hey, you kids get off my lawn!" person), I offer you Things That Make Me Giddy:

* I have the full Saturday off, and might finally be able to see a certain 3D Pixar movie. (The indirect giddiness here: movie popcorn butter!)

* I am *not* the one currently leading shift drills on the mainstage, and that will always be a great plus in my life.

* 19 days....

* Have you seen the video for She&Him's "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?" Where she's a zombie or something (I don't know what, but there's a bunch of fake blood), but it still manages to be the cutest, bounciest song in the world?

* My top left desk drawer started out holding office supplies, but it has morphed into a strange collection of CDs instead over time.

* Even when I'm not stage managing (such as the next two months or so), I still get paid to sit at a desk and create forms in Excel. If that doesn't bounce you out of bed in the morning [when the "you" is a slightly OCD type with a love of spreadsheets and being paid], I don't know what will.

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