Monday, October 26, 2009

5:29 MON OCT 26

I'm really only still here, at work, because I'm trying to kill enough time for my parents to be home. I've been a bad (and sometimes zoo-busy) daughter and not gotten a call in for a few weeks, which also puts a halt on trying to formulate vacation plans.

I could feel it in my knee all day Sunday that I'd been up and down as Ta-Daa, trying to show the younger, somewhat more anxious children that the big bug could be a small(er) bug, too.

If I can refrain from anything resembling modesty for the moment, also, I'd like to mention that I rocked out to Thriller this weekend. Something about seeing the choreography before (and being able to move away from the clingy children) must have made a difference. Imagine that!

My Halloween costume won't be settled until I actually make a trip to the costume shop (as in, the free one at the theater) and see what I can pick up for the cheap.

That should be long enough.

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Travis said...

I saw that video of you doing Thriller as Ta-daa! I thought, "Wow! Hannah's really got this down, now."