Monday, October 19, 2009

I am not actually here.

Seriously, every person who steps into my office and tries to make conversation with me has been informed that I am--clearly--a figment of their imagination since Real Hannah has today off from working three shows, one partial rehearsal, and a morning in a bug suit.

It is really, really hard to keep up with Thriller choreography while you're inside a giant fuzzy suit that simultaneously draws small children toward you and blocks your ability to see them next to your ankles. Kid in the giraffe costume, perfectly doing the choreography while on stilts, you are my new hero.


Anonymous said...

Who is taking pictures of this dance? I want to see. Hey, a movie would be even better. Video camera, anyone?
Hannah's Mom

Travis said...

Y'know, I was right there at the time, and it didn't even cross my mind to record it. Something about trying to keep the kids from getting knocked over by Ta-Daa, I think. (Especially difficult as there were several who wanted to be 3 inches from Ta-Daa, even after being hit multiple times.)

Melissa said...

You should be like the teacher I subbed for yesterday. She has a invisibility tiara she wears when she doesn’t want the kids to bother her.