Thursday, October 01, 2009

I refuse to believe that it's actually October...

...but I will happily take the new month paycheck anyway.

I've been blogging the old-fashioned way lately (I believe the grown-ups call it "writing in a journal"), just to unload a bunch of thoughts jostling around in my brain. (No, *you're* welcome, Skull!) Most of them aren't headed here, but here's a few odds and ends that slipped out between the heftier stuff:

Remember when I used to write monthly update emails to everyone in my email contact list, regardless of how much they might care?

"Cheesy fries" are--together--two of the most glorious words in the English language. (Seperately, only "cheesy" inspires greatness. "Fries" could go either way.)

I'm not sure that any good will come of either burst of nostalgia, but I just broke out the (fresly rediscovered) honey soap [a souvenier of my first trip abroad] and need to buy that Big Sky song from itunes before it disappears into my gypsy moth past again.

Something about a multiple-day eye twitch (and not having anything in particular causing it) makes you want to toss out all the stress in your life and sit reading on the back patio. (Also, nothing adds to your stress level like not knowing the source of your stress-induced eye twitch.)

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