Tuesday, December 08, 2009

too many thoughts in the head

Instead of typing up the (incredibly emo) post I create this morning while sitting in meetings, I give you something (with very little extra explanation) that will only make sense to a select few. Here you go, Mom, Grandma, and Aunt L!

It was okay.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe it would still taste good enough to eat. Do you feel good after eating it? It looks good though. Love you, Gma P.

Hannah said...

Just a note: this is not the one from August. (Though, if it hadn't collapsed in on itself by September, I probably would've gotten to that one.) This one came home with the rest of my Thanksgiving fixings, and was still a little ripe when I cut it up.

marannsmith said...

It looked yummie and I am glad that you went ahead and did it so we could see. It makes me smile. Thanks for that.

David said...

Bec says "hey we have that toaster!"