Wednesday, December 09, 2009

fortunately, I have spare pants at the other theater

Today's strange, covering-all-sorts-of-tasks-I-don't-normally-do day has culminated with me as the house manager for tonight's Mainstage show, which is why I'm still sitting at the theater at quarter past nine. (What's that? You mean you didn't even remember that you were working tonight, Hannah? So much for tonight's to-do list!) I am making use out of the boots that normally live under my desk, so that's a plus.

If anyone wants a full pot of regular coffee, I apparently made an extra one for no good reason. Please arrive within the next ten minutes, or it'll be gone down the sink.

In other, related to yesterday's not-posted post news, I guess I'm better. My head's in a strange place right now (and the holidays, in a way, don't help as they make me think of home and not being in Texas). If I ever have time again to draft up a less emo-y version, I'll let other people know what's going on. Look for that around February, the rate I'm going.

The good side of working in the evening (when you didn't prepare for it)? I ate shrimp tacos for dinner, and they were perfect.

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