Saturday, January 30, 2010

and then I really need to go to bed before I fall over

(I typed this up last night and then apparently fell asleep before I managed to press the "publish post" button. Oh well.)

Because I've learned the best way to remember what you wrote on your hand is to write it down somewhere else (preferably more permanent) as soon as possible, I give you select quotes from this evening, with absolutely no explanation:

I don't want to lose even one of these cheeks. -Deb

You know there's no iced tea in that...? -Mandy

You need to put up your flickr pictures as you do them because sitting in my house and it's all I live for. -Christy

Now you look like a hieroglyphic. -Kat

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will said...

Congrats on your most prolific blogging month in almost three years!