Friday, January 08, 2010

I'm not actually sure that there's anybody else in the building (besides Sissy, because Sissy is always here), but I'm certainly not going to check while I wait for programs to load.

You don't hear this often in Texas, but I need to move somewhere warmer. I'm tired of my nose either being a fountain or a clogged drain. I like it better with nothing in it but air.

My ipod is playing Come Rain or Come Shine, which helps. Thanks for caring, Peaseblossom.

I still haven't named my laptop. Huh. (Of course, I only took the plastic sheet off the cover yesterday, so I'm gradually getting into the ownership of it, I guess.)

Per usual, I've put off grocery shopping again, and will thusly eat pop tarts for lunch today.

There was no hot water in my apartment this morning, which I assume is a byproduct of the winter freeze that hit overnight. If we were going to freeze over, couldn't we at least had the decency to freeze enough that I didn't have to come in with dirty hair?

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