Friday, January 08, 2010

twice in one day!

A few things that have amused me this afternoon:

* email from the Houston Museum of Fine Arts: "The Moon Closes This Sunday!"

* person who wasn't familiar with Bohemian Rhapsody, but knew the words to Copacabana

* finding a page of quotes from a photo call senior year at Truman inexplicably left at the back of my scheduling desk (also, still funny to me four years later: "Hannah? I just like saying your name. Say my name, say my name! Ha! Two barrels straight through!" Ten shiny points to anyone else who gets the last part.)


Lissa said...

If anyone is going to get it it will be me but at the moment I can't even think of the shows done that year. All I remember is never seeing your lovely face because you were always at one rehearsal or another.

Hannah said...

You were busy wrangling awful small boys during this show.

Me said...

lol, that was actually the only show I could come up with.