Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Let's file that under 'things not to do.'"

The nice thing about this noodle bowl is that it's so very, very hot I have to eat it slowly.

I've been listening to the Hero Squad soundtrack, which makes for some unexpected thinking about how much I've changed in one year thoughts. I don't feel inclined to go into such for the interneticus world, but 2009 was an up and down year for me.

Somewhat related to that: how dare the Henson Company never have any openings whenever I think to check?

Every once in awhile, I remember that I have a full weekend off again (in just two! days!)...and then I recall the conversation another company member had with her (non-company member) husband about how excited she was to have a full weekend off.
PTB: I get two days off this weekend!
KB: You mean like normal people?

Since my typewriter is still here on my work desk (waiting to start its life as a theater star/prop), it feels more than ever like I'm at my college desk, procrastinating on papers.

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