Friday, February 19, 2010

I always tear up when the gold medalist sings along with their nation anthem at the medal ceremony.

Quote saved in my phone, as typed in: If lions can be cute, I thought he was cute. Sarah (adult Simba) 12.18

I should get around to download some music, if for no other reason than I've run out of room in my phone's memo feature and have branched into the text message drafts box.

Did you know that the only thing keeping me from gaining twenty zillion pounds is that I'm unable to open a new jar of queso, even after all this time?

I cannot not stop and listen to Eva Cassidy's "Fields of Gold" whenever my computer (still unnamed!) chooses to pull it up.

Did I totally just do a post of twitter-type items? Survey says yes! (I'm going to bed.)

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Travis said...

It is touching to see them sing along.

If I was an Olympian on the stand, I would probably be unable to sing, as I'd already be tearing up. (There's a patriotic streak in me that makes it hard to hear the Star Spangled Banner without doing so.)