Sunday, February 14, 2010

(told you the constant posting would cease soon)

My iTunes is playing some floaty song from their free holiday mix that I've apparently played three times before (and yet had no idea that I'd ever heard this song before).

(Don't worry, probably everything I write today will be disjointed and not match up with the following paragraph.)

While grocery shopping on Friday--which only occurred so I could prepurchase my Best Picture Showcase tickets at the discount rate. (Brief shout-out to AMC employee Paul, who had no idea what I was talking about when I came in [Discount? Showcase? Tickets two weeks in the future?] and fiddled with the computer until his screen matched my information. Where did this sentence start?), I picked up egg rolls for my Chinese New Year lunch today. I'll celebrate Valentine's later, when the candy goes on sale.

Yesterday was the fourth (fourth! sweet passage of time save us!) anniversary of spading, or "loving you so much it's upside down and with a stick." (Why, yes, there was lack of sleep involved in this quote/emotion/whatever.) I continue to not understand why more people don't get behind this concept whenever I try to introduce it to new folk. How can you not support an emotion so strong it reverses gravity and must be plugged to prevent overflowing? Maybe everyone who wasn't there at the slaphappy time (all those not named Angelfish and Merefin) immediately conjures up Bob Barker asking us to control the pet population with spaying? Because I could see where that would create a vastly different feeling than the one introduced by playing card spades.

Here's my one profound thought for the day (though somewhat negated by the fact that it came from a dream I was having about Kelly Clarkson and Keats): In a way, we will never be truly, endlessly, blissfully happy until we meet our Lord in Heaven. In the meantime, everything we do will still have a tinge of sadness. (Do with that what you will. I think Keats was trying to woo Fanny Brice with it, but Kelly kept singing. That'll teach me to keep music playing while I sleep.)

This post apparently brought to you by 2 a.m., because this is how I write (and especially punctuate) at that time of day, no matter what time it actually is at the moment.


Travis said...

You've been living in the 2 a.m. hour a lot, lately, haven't you?

Angelfish said...

1) I spade you lots and lots even if I didn't realize it was the anniversary until I saw status updates on facebook.
2)I believe Lemon Drop might have been there as well but I could be wrong about that fact.
3)Another fun fact for people who read your comments: This was not the strangest thing to come out of Room 315
4)I will aslo celebrate tomorrow with discount candy :)

Hannah said...

Just thinking off the top of my head, I'd call Colin's idea that the palm tree brought the two of us into existance as the weirdest thing...though, since it came from Colin, that's more the strangest thing to come out of 320-whatever.

I'm sure something better will come to mind three minutes after I post this.

Sugar Plum said...

Your probably right, although we did conquer 326 so it was basically our room.