Sunday, February 28, 2010

two actually related things (though only in my head)

I want to itch the scab (because it is itchy), but--when I do--the scab tends to fall off leaving the not-yet-healed skin exposed underneath, which is of course still itchy as well, and then I scratch that. Until it bleeds. This has been an ongoing cycle for weeks. (Apologies for the grossness and incredibly awkward punctuation.)

There's a game my brain likes to play called "Where Is My Watch?" The way you play is you become late for the bus in the morning as you search for your watch, and eventually stumble upon it in one of four usual places. (These four are (1) next to the bathroom sink, (2) on the rolling drawers next to my bed, (3) tucked under a magazine on the living room coffee table, (4) a bonus round unknown location that eventually forces you out the door sans clockware (the bonus evidently comes from creating the word "clockware").

Perhaps, sidenote speaking, I should mention that I ate cake for dinner ... and suddenly this post makes more sense.


Travis said...

I approve of cake for dinner. And clockware.

marannsmith said...

I agree. Cake for supper sounds fine for me. Oops, I mean, sounds fine for you!

Lissa said...

I ate FroYo for lunch the other day so I say cake for dinner is a good idea.