Tuesday, March 09, 2010

"and off to his lair each child he'll drag"

Fun fact: for most of the past month I've had "The Green Eyed Dragon," a song I sang for high school district music contest, stuck in my head off and on. While I remembered a remarkable portion of the music (working up a solo for Mrs. Cox will do that to your brain, even eight years later), it wasn't until today that I managed to track down the missing line mid-chorus that I've been hehmm-hum-hmmm-ing three times per song.

Further fun fact: somehow most internet folk lyric sites leave out the same three lines in the chorus, which just happen to include the line I've been missing, despite the fact that it would screw up the entire rhythm of the song

Furthest fun fact: you can probably catch me singing it to myself every morning, around 8:30ish, as I prep the Rotunda for the morning show.

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