Monday, March 08, 2010

Did anyone else notice that I apparently used Twitter today to have conversations with people while sitting in the box office?

I'm not quite certain how or why my entire self (physical and emotional) took a nosedive yesterday evening around five, but it certainly did and I apologize to all those who had to deal with me.

Because, interestingly enough, there is no situation in which I can't make myself feel worse, a brief list of all the ways that led to me hugging a manatee in a dark living room yesterday evening: feeling too bad to go to church, feeling bad about not going to church, getting emotional while reading a book about discerning God's will (to make up for not being at church), putting off dinner, discovering I'm likely too short to be a flight attendant (did anyone else know this was plan B?), the reminder that most stage management jobs are freelance and not a solid gig like I currently have, picking at the same scab, realizing I needed something to hug and only having access to a manatee. So, sadly, that's why I wasn't at an Oscar party; I would've been the one in the corner, crying every time I saw one of the Pixar people wearing their adventure badges.

Despite the lovely paragraph above, I'm feeling quite better today, though somewhat perplexed at what brought on the hurricane of emotions at all. Perhaps the popcorn gut of the day before had worked its way up into my brain?

Unrelated, but related in helping me feel better: how great is it that Joy Sikorski has a new book?