Tuesday, March 16, 2010

toasted not fried

The veggie chips aren't nearly as good as the sour cream and onion ones.

I feel like I'm on cough syrup, which would be awesome if I actually were. Most of the afternoon has been a strange, turn-your-head-too-fast-and-wait-for-your-brain-to-catch-up-again haze. It made some parts more entertaining, and it made some parts want me to burst into tears. Funsies, as Deb would say.

This is two days in a row that I've used the Foreman grill that I received for Christmas years ago. That makes it two more times that it's been used since Jessica moved out. I would've enjoyed it more if I felt inclined to do more than lay on the couch sipping milk and watching whatever's in from Netflix (or else Wonderfalls, haven't decided yet).

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marannsmith said...

Somewhere, Aunt Lori is proud.