Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Is it alright?

Without going into the whys and whats for those not familiar with the show, but--were I still in school and needing a paper about a broadway musical--I'd totally write about the song "Cue Music" from "Passing Strange" and what it says about the playwright/lyricist/inspiration of the show, Stew.

Also, I might write about how a guy gets the nickname Stew.

I'm torn between completely chucking the old stage manager handbook (Updated August 4, 1999!) and continuing this process of section by section editing. The problem with it is that it's set up to be both a general "so you want to be a stage manager?" handbook AND a more detailed how-to on our specific venues, often at the same time. I'm trying to seperate both out to their own sections (and then subcategorized between Grace and Rotunda), so I'm constantly moving back and forth between sections. Also, a bigger problem is that I'm tired (what up, three a.m. bedtime! how's it hanging, 6:30 stomach clock?) and only care so much at the moment.

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