Monday, July 12, 2010

I think they're pretending to be sea lions???

Goodness, these children in the pool are LOUD. Also, lesson that I should've learned by now: never wear a skirt when you're going to be sitting outside near water at dusk in Texas. (Though it apparently leads to sentences with bouncy rhythm.)

I spent my day off by getting out of bed when I'd normally be pulling up my email at work, watching an old Muppets sing-a-long VHS and most of a disc of Wonderfalls, reading through cookbooks like I actually use them, and cleaning while wearing the above-mentioned skirt (which lends a nice '50s housewife vibe, with or without an apron).

I didn't get to most of my to-do list (dang it, Katie Finneran, for being so entertaining!), but my kitchen floor is glistening with a freshly bleached shine, so I still call today a win. (Though my bottle of chocolate milk is still at work, and will probably stay there until at least Wednesday before I can rescue it.)

Things I Should Be Doing Instead Right Now:
* revamping my grocery list (now that I've looked at all those recipes)
* (actually, that's all I can think of...short of promising a less flippant post, as I will likely spend a day at work before posting next?)

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