Monday, July 19, 2010

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I'm sorry for the absolute dead air, but I promised I would be less flippant the next time. Sadly, it's a lot easier to just talk flippant things (I have a doozy of ridiculousness I want to showcase) than to go over the rollercoaster of the past week.

Let's focus on the positives: I get to come home for over a week...and it's happening one week from tomorrow. Fun! When I started reminiscing about driving curvy country roads at night, the oldies station fuzzying in and out while watching for deer trying to race across your path, it was extra time to head to MO. (It helps that the same week, my Mom mentioned that she wasn't going to be able to do a Texas trip and we worked out that I could head north instead.) Taking this trip will pull me out of the first week of MS1 rehearsals (Have you heard? I'm stage managing two mainstages next season....would you like to point me toward an affordable scooter store?) and I'm not a fan of that. But, choosing between a week of tablework with the artistic director and my mother's caramel brownies on the weight scale tends to tip toward chocolate.

The impending trip home has helped my general attitude toward Texas, which was on a downward spiral (even farther than I realized before I knew I was going to leave for a week). I love what I do here (more so when I'm actually working on shows, but not all desk days are boring), and don't feel like I'm supposed to pick up my tent yet, but it's hard to live so far away from family.

Anyway. Here's a bit of flippancy to get us back where this blog normally heads:

Yes, it's a giant purse that looks like a horse. Not only that, but it's a giant purse that looks like a horse and cost over $100 dollars. For that much money you'd hope it wouldn't be so creepy. (I think Coraline's Other Mother has one of these for her evenings out.)

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