Monday, September 13, 2010

airplanes, pt. 2

I feel somewhat obligated to talk about opening, what with the stress and bad eating habits it's brought about in my life these past few weeks. I even started a post, but it took a fast spiral to the depths of emo-land that I needed to restart. (Who wants to read what 13-year-old me would've written to get pity from others? Nobody, that's who.)

You want the sum up? I don't always believe it when people say I'm a good stage manager, and that can make stressful rehearsals difficult. I'm working on this.


After Thursday's awfully-off performance (the only positive thing was that all the actors and myself had our blunders), having Friday go so very, very well was actually even sweeter. (And, with that many ADPers in attendance at the same time, so much the better. Y'all are more pressure than critics.) Lines mostly occurred where written, transitions started picking up time, cue calls found some stability, and there was free chicken afterward. It even helped with minor problems that popped up the rest of the weekend; if one performance could pull together so exceptionally well, certainly it could do so again.

I'm rambling slightly now (no really, you don't know how much I've deleted and tried to re-edit so far), and I'll admit to being concerned what we'll look like Wednesday night when we've been away for three days, but at least I don't miss the children's theater quite as much anymore. So, ultimately, thanks to everyone for your patience and prayers this past month. I know I haven't been a total picnic since I came back from MO (maybe taking such an awesome vacation wasn't the best choice just before stressful rehearsal time?), but I appreciate people still trying to be friendly all the same.

[Fun fact: this was not at all the post I thought I was going to write tonight.]


Jason 3:60 said...

Um, I just thought I'd say I miss laughing with you and avoiding certain personnell.

Hannah said...

I miss you B!

I keep meaning to write you an apology for stealing your wife, but I'm too busy being entertained by her in the booth.