Tuesday, September 14, 2010

(what's extra fun about strange post titles is trying to remember what I meant several years down the line - it's like playing a game with my college self)

I think I'm contractually obligated (what? go with it) to do a flippant post of some sort after every long-form, exposing one's faults post. Please enjoy the following.

* I planted seeds batch 2.0 over the weekend, and already little green bits are popping out of the soil. Moments like this give me so much joy I automatically forget how sad I am when I inevitably kill them all off three weeks later.

* I recently discoverd that I *had* taken pictures while on my vacation a month ago, both hiding on my phone. One is an Iowa cornfield, the other is a grouping of burgers, showing that no longer must the isolated burger be isolated.

* I'm not going to suss out a link to the above statement (though I bet there is one) because I'm suddnely remembering to eat dinner. I like eating food, so there you go.

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will said...

The best thing about this contractual obligation is that the rest of us occasionally get two posts instead of just one!

Booyah, as the kids say.