Saturday, October 23, 2010

In the '80s movie that was my dream last night, the college campus queen of parties had died and everyone was scrambling to become the new queen (or king) of parties ... only to have her reemerge (from a bright white coffin, no less) ten days later and declare her successor (previously her best friend and second in charge of parties) unable to throw a party with pizazz.

John Cusack was there as the male lead (of course he was, it's an '80s movie as dream), but I don't remember exactly what he was up to. I *do* recall that his best friend, Mitchell, was totally chasing after Cusack's sister, Hannah (hi!). In some sort of '80s movie turned Broadway musical twist, he kept calling me up, declaring his feelings in song...and always when I was unable to answer him back more than a "yes" or "uh-huh." Hijinks!

Why did this stick in my mind, you ask? Now that I'm awake, I'm trying to remember the '80s actor who played Mitchell because I recognized him mid-dream as *someone.* For now I'm sticking with Anthony Edwards a la "The Sure Thing," but be prepared for me to suddenly exclaim aloud at a future point when I realize who it actually was.

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