Monday, October 18, 2010

seven things to do today

Since this has turned into a list-mclistersen sort of blog (back to the roots, eh?), a breakdown of how I spent my day off (versus how I'd planned to use it):

* cleaned my bedroom - because it turns into a kingdom of piles when I'm busy at work in the evenings (somehow I can't justify messiness when I'm just busy at the Rotunda), and I no longer had room for new piles. Now everything that belongs in the closet is in the closet, everything that belongs on the bookshelf is on a shelf of some kind, and all the bits and pieces that needed to end up fixed are actually in the mending basket. (How did I turn into the sort of person who has a mending basket?)

* fix things in mending basket - isn't it enough that I know they're there?

* catch up on Netflix, DVR, and other loaned items - I probably lost half the dramatic tension Mr. DiCaprio built up by falling alseep in the middle of Shutter Island last night, but that's what I get for trying to watch a 2+ hour movie after my non-stop weekend. After some playful sassing in the booth yesterday, I also got around to Sunday in the Park with George (so it can finally go back to D-B). It's not my favorite Sondheim, but the end does make me cry. (Also, hello Brent Spiner, wh0 caused me to pause the movie until I could IBDB confirm it was in fact him.)

* go grocery shopping - because I need milk, yo. (Also, bread. And grapes while they're on sale.)

* reorganize kitchen cabinets - this ended up being not so much reorganizing as "moving boxes so everything fit in again, regardless of whether it was supposed to be in that particular place or not." This will prove poor planning when I need to bake something for the holidays.

* pick an outfit for the company Christmas photo - I should maybe do that next

* clean the bathroom - we're about to have company in for the Hatchback-Weatherbee wedding, which is a good reason to stop ignoring the fact that our bathroom is getting a little out of hand. Unfortunately, I chose long, involving movies to watch over scrubbing the ring off the tub. Sorry, Tink. I promise to take care of it before Friday.

Did I actually hit seven items? Hot-cha! I was just referencing my second favorite group of Canadian men (first favorite). ... and now I'm just watching other Kids in the Hall videos. Guess tomorrow's picture outfit will be a frantic morning decision instead.


will said...

Amazed that you just dug through your blog and pulled out a November 2002 post to reference.

Also amazed that it has a Treasure Planet reference.


Travis said...

I only finished about half the items on my to-do list. Perhaps I would've been more productive if I'd been taken hostage by bank robbers...

Hannah said...

It should maybe only be a +4 since I went to my earliest archives and found the first interesting list. (Sorry to ruin the magic.)