Sunday, October 31, 2010

KEVIN: It's Mormon tech support!

How have I made two trips to London without buying a St. Paul's Cathedral snowglobe, a la Mary Poppins? (Besides the likely fact of them being at least 30 pounds, or $60?)

Related: I'm glad RJ took a few full pictures of the Mary Poppins costume from last night, because I haven't liked my Halloween costume so much since I was the Titanic victim. And, okay, that was only a few years ago, also, but there's a pretty thin patch after that in backward chronology.

I'm starting to get lovely silver hairs in the same spot on top of my head, which is okay in a Rogue from X-Men sort of way and frightening in an only twenty-six way.

If anyone has any papier mache projects you'd like to suggest, I have a jar of leftover paste sitting in my fridge.

"You'd think you'd learn" moments from sliding under the parking lot fence to save time: (1) scraping and bruising my knee (2) ripping a giant hole in the back of my jeans, causing a return to the apartment. I bet I still do it again sometime this week, though.

Jumbled enough yet? Probably. Besides, I have a zoo to get to today.

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