Saturday, November 06, 2010

wildly different things I left off my Christmas list: a subscription to Real Simple and a Leatherman multi-tool

It's been one of those up and down weeks (front half down, very end half moving back up), and I made like a thirteen year old girl and journaled out some angst...but I don't feel inclined to share any of that. (No, *you're* welcome.)

Instead, we'll play "bits of things saved in Hannah's draft folder." Please enjoy the random (some with dates, some not).

* A man in full Scotish regalia playing the bagpipes just passed me going up the street. It's Saturday morning, and I have a show or else I'd investigate.

* I have a sudden craving for those middle school logic problems. Lucy likes purple. Timmy likes the color Mikey doesn't like.

* If it's going to be 70 degrees in Texas three days before Christmas (and a day before I head to blizzard coungry), by golly I'm going to wear a skirt.

* One bus driver to another: She wants to go to town./Well, take her. You have your own big ol' bus. 12.23.09

* 5.21.10 - Note to brain: not every weird happenstance is a metaphor for you life, so stop thinking about "the bell wouldn't work for you, huh?"

* Checking the weather at this point in the year is a more a formality. The only thing that might change is if there's rain to cut back on the beastly humidity. 5.26

* 6.1 I forgot that standing at the bus stop in a dress invoked the rule of auto honk: "I couldn't help it, the horn beeped on its own."

* If someone wanted to show up on my doorstep tonight with a plate of fried chicken, the words "undying" and "loyalty" might be bandied about. [Note to all: this holds true basically at all times.]

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Travis said...

Y'know, now that you mention it, I kinda miss those logic problems, too.