Friday, October 15, 2010

some even from before I started sneaking in candy

Some movie related memories (in no particular order):

* It's my third viewing of Mulan in theaters, and I still jump when Shan-Yu pops out of the snow after the mountain pass battle. This is with reminding myself that he's about to pop out, you know where, don't jump when it happens, the falcon is swooping--ack! (Side note: I was convinced that Mulan would be nominated for Best Picture since it was totally better than Beauty and the Beast and yet had earned a nomination.)

* Last showing of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 of the night (which is a fairly awful movie, being a sequel and prequel of sorts all in one film), and end up sitting next to the Cute Boy I wanted to sit next to...but sharing an armrest with the poison ivy-covered arm, which led to the obvious awkward. He does let me eat all the popcorn.

* Though not a big fan of the Lord of the Rings movies, I find myself waiting in line for several hours for the final film while dressed as some sort of elvish person (sans pointy ears, as I have none). The rest of the friends I'm with are HUGE fans and are cleaning up at the pre-movie trivia contest. Later I'll be mad at the movie for having approximately fifteen false endings, but for now I want to use my wool cape as a blanket.

* In what will be the start of many late night movies to come, I find a last minute ride to the 10 p.m. (before the midnight showing!) Snakes on a Plane and meet with future Houstonite friends Will, B., and Dave. They let me make a matching sharpie t-shirt. People are dressed as planes and/or snakes, everyone is talking back to the screen, and no lines can be heard after Samuel L. Jackson's big catchphrase because the cheering is too loud. It's the most fun anyone ever had at any movie.

* We go to see 101 Dalmations (live action) because my cousin is OBSESSED with dalmations, but arrive too late to sit anywhere but the very front row. Afterward I joke that the puppies were as big as my head. This is incorrect; they were bigger.


Anonymous said...

When the movie, Independence Day, came out, Aunt Lori, Abby, and Rick, and you, Caleb, and I were at Grandma's Pierce's house for a visit. Lori and I talked Grandma into watching kids and then we went to the 10:00 showing of the movie. We waited in line for over an hour, and I wasn't sure we would get to sit together, but finally we were inside with our popcorn. We were with the college crowd, and it was fantastic. Everyone seemed to talk back to the screen, there was lots of laughter, and we had a blast! We still talk about it, because we had such fun. Hannah's Mom

will said...

My girlfriend (now wife of 5 years) went with me to the opening of the movie Miracle (based on the 1980 US Olympic hockey team). Probably the most psyched I'd been for a movie since Jurassic Park. Unexpectedly, the Oklahoma City movie theater we frequented was COMPLETELY sold out for the 8:00 showing we were shooting for. Next showing wasn't until 11:20. I'm seriously bummed. My girlfriend (now wife, who to this day never stays up past 10) says, "Well, we came to see this movie, so I guess we can wait." We do. And it's glorious.

Hannah said...

Mamita: I remember you telling Caleb and me about the movie the next day, specifically making fun of the date title cards (July 4 looming up ominously) and the crowd cheering to the president's speech. (This might be where I fell in love with late night movies, even if I didn't attend one until years later.)

Will: your story warms my heart and makes it start singing "That How You Know" from Enchanted.