Sunday, November 28, 2010

this is so not me getting ready for the day

Sometimes I wish we had real internet at home (rather than sketchy unsecured wireless picked up from around the complex) so I could take care of things like plane tickets and Christmas shopping without needing to take a bus in to work.

I pick my brother's Christmas presents based on what books on his list sound interesting, then try to read them before I hit the north.

I bought a Lego set for my cousin (he's eight; he won't read about it here), and I look forward to helping assemble it at Christmas, just like all the previous years of his older brother receiving Lego and K'Nex sets.

While Black Friday did take care of many presents on my list (side thanks to K1 down time for providing me brainstorming time), there's still quite a bit to go. Please excuse me while I email my mother for advice.

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Travis said...

Your third comment reminds me of a text message conversation I had with my mom the other day:

Mom: K'nex Cobra's Curse Dueling Coaster - too bad you don't have room.

Me: I could put it downstairs.

Mom: Would you really want it? About one hundred dollars.

Me: I kinda do...

Mom: Are you guys ever going to grow up - I just bought Jason and Marian $200 of Legos for Christmas.

Me: Not until we're forced to.