Wednesday, December 01, 2010

snark busters

We opened the Christmas show today, which went fine. (Better than fine and thus worth noting: we had a full house of groups, and they were all seated by start time at 10:30. CRAZY TALK.)

Better-better (Betterest? I don't know the best way to offend the English language here) than fine was taking part of filming for St. Luke's sermon series that led to me being with a small pack of Victorian-clothed people walking around downtown Houston this afternoon. Also, the geese!

My fancy picture frame-clock combo currently reads sixty-six degrees, so I guess the heat isn't on inside yet. It's at least warmer in than out at the moment, which is a monumental plus from this morning.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe I should knit that afghan for you that I have been meaning to do? Think I can get it done by Christmas?
Hannah's Mom