Thursday, January 13, 2011

good thing I'm not doing some sort of daily blog here

I spent most of Wednesday trying to think up another good life lesson (seeing as I'd hit the last few days in a row, and truly do love flip books), but instead seem to have come away from the day with nothing I didn't know before. Though some other people apparently don't know that you shouldn't make a disparaging comment under your breath--that will be inevitably seen by the director--three minutes before the end of rehearsal.

I did learn that insecurity monsters live on the left shoulder and snark monsters on the right, but I don't see how that'll help me in life.

Can I include on any future resumes that I'm the president of the ADP Petite Persons Society? Also, anyone know a solid synonym for "society" that starts with the letter P? I like it when initials match.

1 comment:

Travis said...

Some suggestions from

party (sounds a little political)
posse (I find this amusing)
parliament (do you make any laws?)
parley (perhaps this is what you could call your meetings)

That's all I got. Any winners?