Sunday, March 06, 2011

...except that it won't be, because I have a pile of handwash items I should take care of while I still have ample drying room

I started taking things off the walls yesterday, but that turned too depressing, so I had to sort recyclables instead. I've taken measurements of just about everything in anticipation of all this paperwork finally being finished and getting to play tetris in my new place. The postage paid-box for the DVR receiver arrived yesterday, so I'm strictly on DVDs until I set up cable again. (Fun fact: the postage paid-box even came with a strip of tape to close the box.) I went through the very awkward moment of how to figure out how to hook up a DVD player to a TV yesterday...while Deb's CraigsList pick-up folks awkwardly watched.

I feel like I should be packing things, but I don't want to until I have an actual move date. I have a picture in my mind (one that I'm sure will prove completely false within an hour of trying it) of just shuttling all my things from one side of the complex to the other, recycling the same boxes/rubbermaid containers I own over and over. Even typing it, I'm aware of what a ridiculous plan this is, but it does give me a reason to sit around and *not* pack.

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