Tuesday, March 08, 2011

You know what'll be great? Not living in limbo.

I cleaned in Deb's room yesterday, as it was a giant open space and not my still-fully-together bedroom. I wish I knew how all that soil got in the windowsill, but it's out now. Also, BOO on whoever decided to paint the metal frame with a cheap white plaster paint, as it DOES NOT WANT TO BE CLEAN.

I did do handwash laundry, so I'm glad I hadn't disassembled the patio clothesline system yet. Washed windows, and am now fascinated with using newspaper to clean them (thanks, Real Simple!) Also, I found an old People magazine with a feature on "when will Prince William propose?," and felt superior to the people of 2007.

Also-also, there's a fantastic drop-leaf dining table (with mid-table storage underneath!) that'd I'd love to purchase from IKEA, were it not $130 more than I'd like to spend or from the 2010 catalog and likely no longer around.

I plan on stealing a van Friday-Saturday so I can drop recycling, take in broken electronics to be disposed of (thanks, Best Buy), and buy baby shower gifts. One of these things is not like the others.

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