Saturday, March 26, 2011

feel free to make your own "snozzberries taste like snozzberries!" joke

My bedroom has looked like a bedroom for the last few days, then my closets like closets, and today my kitchen turned into a kitchen rather than a room with empty cupboards and butcher paper on anything that wasn't the countertop. It's a good change. I am, however, starting to think that the new fridge and stove are myths, as they've yet to appear. I'm torn between calling the office to check (where I'll likely live in limbo some more waiting for them to appear) and just leaving things as is (and setting up life). I'm in way more of a mood to just move on, especially as both appliances work fine.

I'm down to boxes of odds-and-ends, plus most of my books and DVDs. One guess as to which I'd rather deal with first. Hopefully I'll be set up by the end of the day on Wednesday, seeing as I plan on leaving work after the opening show that morning to make up for the half-days I've put in on my days off for Pinocchio. And then pictures!

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Anonymous said...

Pictures? Oh, goodie! We want to see pictures!
Hannah's Mom