Sunday, March 20, 2011

You know what's great about 6 p.m. tomorrow? It's when I have to be completely out of my old place, meaning I'll just be stuck cleaning and organizing and rummaging in one apartment.

This is me sitting on the couch, possibly to never move again, as I sprawled out to rest for a moment after taking over tonight's last cart load of kitchen items (why did I not pack my kitchen before Saturday, when I had help moving?) and have not moved since. I guess that means I'm not sleeping in my actual bed tonight, even though my blinds work again and the matresses are no longer leaning up against the window frame.

I'm supposed to get the new fridge and stove tomorrow, though I moved my must-refridgerate items into the new apartment's [apparently temporary] fridge tonight. If I ever move again, I should bag up everything inside so it'll be an easier swap. Tuesday they're touching up the paint on the cabinets, etc. from where they were still a little tacky on Saturday...and yet I set boxes on them. I don't think you can blame me for thinking the tub is a safe, paint-free place to put things.

I'll have the next three evenings free (crazy talk!), so I'm okay with not trying to organize tonight. Caleb's right, though--I should take a bunch of before [AKA currently] pictures so I'll have even better after pictures once everything's organized. That, and you really should document it when your DVD collection somehow ends up in the kitchen cabinets.

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