Thursday, March 10, 2011

if I had realized the last post was #1984, I would've done something different with it.

Are you tired of hearing about my stalled moving plans yet?

Sent in the old DVR this morning, reminding me of the great fun it is to cart a large package on the metro bus. I took a large pile of boxes home last night in an effort to start packing, but promptly fell asleep instead. Perhaps I should do a one-on, one-off cleaning/packing/etc. system? I did, however, first manage to get a scanner to work properly so my last (maybe? possibly?) bit of paperwork could reach the corporate office. Naturally, the person who is handling my stuff is out today (thanks, instant reply email!), so I'll hopefully get a moving day tomorrow.

I really wish I did have other news. Both shows are running okay, and my office is incredibly cold.

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