Wednesday, March 30, 2011

things I haven't been blogging about

Sorry, Everett. You and your laptop never made it to the blog, never ate an onion ring.

Dear patio, I miss you. It's not the same drying the last bits of my laundry in the bathroom, even if it is larger than the old one.

I enjoyed the new movie version of "Jane Eyre" more than I expect. Though the music and cinematography were beautiful, I'm afraid it was the elderly man in the back who clearly could not hear the film...nor hear that he was speaking loud enough for the entire theater to listen in. So, yes, that *is* Judi Dench! The rest of us figured that out when she first came on screen, not forty minutes later.

Oh! Hello there, 11 p.m.! I did not see you pop up like that!

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