Monday, April 04, 2011

What's that, DVD? You're just going to automatically start playing after finishing. Okay then.

I may never send back to Netflix the 25th Anniversary concert version of Les Miserables (taped in London! Why was I not there?!) for the following reasons:

* I can't actually see this show in public (again), because I spend most of the show in tears. The scope of the music and the story just rip my inners to shreads. It's really better for the world that I keep my sobbing out of the audience, as it would likely disturb someone.

* Even beyond the above, Eponine started singing "Little Fall of Rain," and it started to sprinkle outside my window, and I had to sit down for a moment.

* Dear Norm Lewis, Please come over to my apartment and sing "Stars" everyday. I cannot offer you any compensation beyond my own happiness, but surely that's good enough. Thanks in advance.

* Mr. Jonas, I can forgive you for not being Michael Ball, but mostly because he came out at the end for the encore.

* Bless you, whoever it was, that decided to feature *all* the music, including the little bit-lits left off the 10th Anniversary concert. (Speaking of: will it explain a bunch about my musical theater taste to know that I grew up watching the previously mentioned concert and the Cameron Mackintosh birthday celebration with my mother over and over again? You'll never be deleted from my ipod, Colm Wilkinson.)


will said...

I heartily approve of every word in this blog. Despite the fact I haven't actually got to watch the concert in question :-(

Anonymous said...

There is a DVD of the 25th anniversary concert? Oh My!!! I have sweet memories of watching the VHS tape of the 10th anniversary. Can you hear the people sing . . . . I can!
Hannah's Mom

Sarah Ann said...

Les Mis was the first truly professional show I remember seeing growing up. My mom took me to see it when it came through Oklahoma City, and it was one of the most powerful theater experiences I've ever had. Maybe still to this day.