Monday, April 11, 2011

"...and which is the illusion"

(Excuse me while I listen to The Moody Blues at my desk. Thanks, Mom and Dad!)

This is my first full Monday in the office since Inspector opened, and I have no motivation to do anything. It's overcast outside, and the wind makes it sound like it'll start raining at any moment (note to self: get cable called so you can finally watch the morning news again).

I should be working on next season's calendar, or typing the summer show script for captioning, or even a few short term items, but I have the focus of a raccoon in a room of disco balls right now. (Case in point: I'm alternating typing this and composing an email. Even my goofing off can't focus.)

If I had the proper cord, I'd sit here and post apartment pictures, as I'm basically at the point where boxes are unpacked and some wall art is up. As a few of you know, I keep changing my mind on pictures. I seem to go through the same process everyday:

1. Decide to finally fill particular spot on wall. (Generally this has been the large open space in my built-in bookshelves, which I've changed three times in one week.)
2. Pull together collection of artwork or pictures.
3. Frown a bunch while organizing on the kitchen table what will ultimately go where.
4. Let sit while pondering.
5. Decide it looks great.
6. Actually nail collection to the wall.
7. [let simmer for five hours, or possibly overnight]
8. Decide it looks off. Keep for now.
9. Decide was wrong before, looks hideous. Remove quickly.
10. Repeat steps 2-9.

At least I'm staying busy? (Seriously, though. Pictures soon.)

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