Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Strangers on a Train - we now interrupt this suspenseful thriller to play tennis!

(But don't worry! There's an awesome fight on a sped-up carousel as small children threaten to fly off and the old engineer crawls under the platform to reach the off switch...though we won't question why there's a lever that makes it spin that fast if it's so dangerous.)

Anyway. I know I'm becoming an adult because tonight I actually *cooked* dinner, which involved doing things like *chopping up chicken* and *saute-ing rice in oil*, and--even more than that--I actually cleaned it up tonight rather than a week from now where it all splattered over the stove because I don't have a lid for my medium skillet, and use one that sort of fits inside the pan instead of on top. I should've taken video of my stir fry rice bubbling up around the lid and taking a fair portion of the cooking oil with it.

To do: purchase 10' fry pan with matching lid

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Travis said...

I got a 12" non-stick skillet with a lid for Christmas. It has become one of my best friends.