Thursday, June 16, 2011


[My original draft of this was supposed to start with a picture of the bridal party's feet (as I often take such shots) followed by the line "So there's that." - which I've been using a lot this week after it sticking in my head from the Tonys telecast, but I'm in the lobby, waiting to see if the last two sets of people show up for tonight as the show gets started behind me, so I'm on limited resources. But, hey! An actual updated, even if it's not a true update, since I sold a bunch of walk-ups instead of drafting a post.]

*Though technically 18 is more than 15, I did cheat a little by mentioning the competition after Mrs. W was out of the room. But she *did* get to end the day married, so I think it's fair if I win off pins.

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