Monday, December 05, 2011

GOSH! I was productive today!

I should do this "stay home from work" thing more often. Grocery shopping, done. Cleaning kitchen, done. Laundry [including hanging things up after], done. Organizing junk boxes, done. (Though, regrettably, Finding address book to send out Christmas cards, failed from the start as I still cannot find the address book) Goofing off by reading half a book, done...and congrats to self on only spending that much time on it.

I need to vacuum, cook a casserole for the week, and finalize some Christmas presents, but I have tomorrow evening free as well (bliss!) to tackle the rest of my list. I should probably make a dent in my newspaper pile (only one week behind) before they become ridiculously out-of-date again. For now, though, I'm gonna eat another cookie based on my brand new stoneware. Thanks, Mamita.

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