Saturday, November 19, 2011

I kinda wish now that I had just gone ahead and hung up the costumes backstage, but SERIOUSLY kids, you've got to remember these things. (Yes, even when there's free food involved.)

Note to self: make a sign for the exit door - in decreasing font size, "Did you earn your star sticker today? No, really? Sure? (Hannah says check again.)"

Last night I met an Apollo 13-era NASA engineer (who happens to be the grandfather of one of my favorite kids). He slept in his car during the Apollo 13 crisis and was one of the people trying to figure out how to change the filter so it fit properly. I only exchanged about a few sentences with him, but it involved him wishing [after hearing that I'm part of the design and implementing process, as far as pressing light buttons go] that he could've been in charge of doing the plans he and the other engineers created. So that's kinda awesome.

I should take some time this afternoon to clean and bake a casserole and otherwise put my jumbled apartment into order/prep for next week's collection of evening shows. Instead I'm still in my pajamas, breezing through movies saved on my DVR, seeing as I was awake before seven this morning.

Also, did you know that I'm three weeks behind on my newspapers? Jeepers.


Travis said...

I wish I'd gotten to talk to that guy. I'd love to discuss sciency nerdy things with a NASA engineer, especially one who worked on such a major problem as that.

david said...