Saturday, December 31, 2011

perfect, shiny, and new

I guess traditionally this would be the "wrap up the year" post, but I'm really just looking to kill about twenty minutes before I need to start working on things for the evening, and frankly that's not enough time for anything productive.

(Well, unless you count popping open the bottle of sparkling grape juice you bought for the booth *now* rather than during the show as productive. Then, goodness, it's quite helpful.)

This patch of time has also been productive for:
* finishing my bowl of soup
* remembering the batch of paychecks in my desk for the children
* reaffirming that I know nearly all the lyrics to Everclear's "Buy You a New Life"

I need to decide if I'm actually going to wear my NYE-appropriate dress all evening, or slosh around in my usual blacks. It's extremely likely that comfort is going to win out on this one, but we'll see.

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